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"I've started studying data visualization recently, who should I follow?"

We've heard that question a million times, so to answer that, who better than the DataViz community itself?

We've analysed the 2021 Dataviz Society State of the Industry Survey to find out the 421 different names, blogs, websites, books, and groups our viz peers consider to be HEADING the data visualisation field.

Heads with pictures represent 84.32% of all 1760 citations, and have been mentioned at least 2 times. All other members are, for now, avatars. Click on their heads to find out more about them and to access websites, portfolio, and social media accounts.

As a Latin American team, we also wanted to explore how much the industry relies on references from similar locations on earth: being remembered is part of receiving opportunities. Do we support the community as a whole, or do we shine the light on the same places, providing opportunity to the same people?

Different colours help us understand that we may be missing important lessons and inspiration from other places — and people — around the globe.

With this funny exploration we put together, we hope you find new people to follow and to grow our community in the years to come. We are still working to add past years of the survey to the dataset and more faces :)

Let us know what other features would help you search for inspiration and partnerships!

a few things about the dataset

If you do not wish to be a part of this list, correct any mistakes we may have made or would like to change your picture or links, please reach us at .

We are a Latin American team, distributed between Brazil, Mexico, and Spain. We prototype and design data products, and we love experimenting with new technologies and ways of communicating through data. To check out our work, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.